Monday, August 13, 2007

Independent India

The Indian Subcontinent turns 60 this wednesday.
India celebrates her independence from the british rule...years ago the britishers left India...but wer have reached after sixty long years?
India presents highly contrasting characters. On one hand technological advencement of a million type in every damn field..on the other hand, many dont even have the basic amenities of life.
Poverty still strikes every part of the country....the problems still remain! Many goals still unaccomplished..!!
India has undoubtedly made a remarkable progress in science n technology. India is a well preferred market for any newly invented gizmo..its stands among the toppers in the biz buzz...
the famous bollywood is now gettin globalised. Indian actors r workin on international projects n they r succesful. India has become a major brand.
On the sporty side, India is trying to learn more than just cricket. Everything's changing, hopefully for the better...