Saturday, May 03, 2008


hey guys ever played housie called bingo by some. If yes, then i m sure that you must have experienced that surge of hope that fills up your body when you hear that clicking sounds made by the guy taking out the tokens or coins.
our wishes rise so that we get the full housie. As soon as the number is announced with some conventional always-used tagline, either v thank the almighty or v wait till the rush-hour hope leaves us satisfied.
I love experimenting with stuff. Experimenting with my feelings and emotions is something i have a lot of fun in.Not experimenting actually, but learning how it would feel otherwise if we were not in the same situation and if we wouldn't be doing the same thing at that occasion.....CONFUSED!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am also confused how to express my experience. i would better describe it rather than fooling around about it.
This is an experience i experienced a couple of days ago. At our school of medicine where normally the white-apron-donners have no time for anything but bodily books n related stuff, v had a sort of annual festival. It had so much normal stuff that other homo sapiens do.......................................v also had housie!! i love playin this game.
whenever n wherever i've beem a part of it previously, i wud always buy at least 3 tickets-tripling up my luck chances. This time since i wanted to 'experiment' with my feeling, i didn't buy a single ticket, sat there with my friends who were all tryin their luck n feeling that surge of hope......With every new number being announced i could see 'em banging their palms on the hand rest or thumpin their soles on the ground in despair. If they wer lucky enough, they would monkily jump up with joy, makin others envy them...this is how d story goes. It was a great experience.But i would ne'er like to have that again.
Feeling that ray of hope in you n checkin ur luck quotient, though might seem very mere things, are a bijou stuff of life. Life is beautiful bcoz of such small-small things which play with our emotions.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

change IST

hey i just read this somewhere - a wonderful idea - changing the Indian Standard Time, makin lag behind by half an hour than the present..
A salaam to those who conceived this idea. Its a super money saver...especially for a country like India thats gonna overtake China in some years(by the way of population).
India will be able to use more of the daylight,abundantly available..this in turn will save electricity (and cosequently money)....the more important thing is that it will decrease pollution as the need for production of electricity decreases......this saves a lot if summed up- around a 1000 crores annualy!!!!!(as per the estimate)....
It is also a step towards control of global warming which is hitting every part of the earth in one of its deadliest traits-floods, droughts, hurricanes.....drastic changes in the seasonal cycles.................and things known to all.
The proposal to implement the plan has been put up before the government...hope n wish it gets implemented soon......or else we'll keep hanging in the un-understanable Montreal protocol, Kyoto protocol and a hundred international summits which mostly end up giving impractical ideal solutions.
This ones practical,feasible n free of cost with no side effects.